Wednesday, 4 September 2013

First Day of School, Back to School and Potty Problems

Today my 3 year old daughter started school for the first time! 

I can't believe how quickly the years have passed and that's she's already at school, she looks so tiny in her school uniform, especially compared to all the bigger kids! 

It is also the only year that I will ever have 4 in the same school!!!

All ready for school!
Starting years 6, 4, 2 and nursery

She has been excited about going to school for weeks, asking every day if she has school tomorrow! Last night she was too excited to sleep, knowing that the following morning was school.

She dressed excitedly, alongside her older sisters and older brother, and put on her uniform and new shoes, had her hair brushed and put in bunches and then reluctantly posed for pictures.

In fact they were all so keen to go to school and mummy and daddy were just as keen to send them, that they were all ready by 8am!

Of course yesterday was a different matter!

Yesterday I was heading for a complete meltdown!

My youngest is just 3 and a half weeks old. She is also breastfed on demand and loves her cuddles. My 3yr old also has a problem, it's to do with potty training as she refuses to poop on the potty or the toilet! At first it wasn't too bad as she would just wait until bedtime when she had a nappy on, and then would need changing on average 3 times as she released all the poop that had built up throughout the day.

However over the past few months, things have gotten worse. She no longer waits until bedtime, but will poop herself, several times a day! Sometimes I don't know if she knows she has done it, but sometimes it's obvious she knows. We've tried praising her on the rare occasion she has pooped on the potty, but it can get to you sometimes, especially when she didn't have panties on and has smeared it everywhere because you didn't realise she had pooped and she either didn't realise or didn't want to tell you. 

Yesterday I just had enough! EIGHT times she pooped herself! EIGHT!!! Not to mention that every time I put the baby down to deal with her poopy bum, she would lie in the travel cot screaming! So not only did I have to deal with a 3yr old who wouldn't behave and kept pooping herself, I had to deal with a 3wk old who didn't want to be put down and was constantly hungry!

Then add to the mix, a 10 year old boy, 8 year old girl and 6 year old girl who were constantly arguing and fighting and didn't want to help clean up yet loved making a mess and didn't want to listen.

But it gets better! Day before school was back, with 4 children to shower and hair wash. Hubby decides to work late! I can't trust the kids to wash their own hair as they tend to use ALL my expensive shampoo and conditioner, the only one that my hair seems to like, with the majority of it all over the shower cubicle and the floor and ceiling soaking wet! So whilst I'm showering the girls, the baby is howling in her moses basket!

By the time hubby came home, I was a quivering wreck rocking in the corner I had managed to clean up the kitchen with a baby crying sitting in a baby swing, cleaned the lounge and put four three children to bed as the 3yr old got up when she heard daddy come home and refused to go to bed!

I was in bed by 10pm with a raging headache!

However hubby had worked late last night so he could go into work late this morning as he wanted to see the kids go to school, especially our 3yr old on her first day. I thought he meant he wanted to see them go into school, but he drove off to work as soon as we had gone to school! All of them were happy to go back to school and see all their friends, and lots of people stopped to meet the baby who had been born during the summer holidays so they hadn't met her yet. 

My 8 and 3 year olds

That was until the 3yr old realised that she was NOT going to be in the same class as her older siblings, in fact she wouldn't even be going in through the same door! They all gave me a kiss goodbye and ran into school as I walked the 3yr old around to the infants door. This is when she realised that school meant leaving mummy! School didn't mean the same class as her siblings but a different class without them or mummy! This was the moment when the bottom lip started quivering and the tears started to fall from her eyes. This was also the moment where my eyes started to fill up, as I didn't like seeing my baby upset! Luckily, having had 3 already go through the nursery class, I knew the teachers and they knew her by name and sight. The nursery class teachers were lovely and they quickly started chatting to her and trying to put her at ease as I pointed out her best friend to her and suggested she went to play with her. They helped pry her from my neck and I quickly escaped, feeling very relieved that I didn't hear her screaming for me as I fled back to the baby, holding my own tears in check!

Sadly I'll have to go through all this again next year when she starts fulltime school, which will be made worse by my son starting secondary school.

My 4 girls

***Apologies for the poor quality pictures. I couldn't find the camera so they were taken on my phone***


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